The Best Group Halloween Costumes

Why go to a party in your own fancy dress, when you can go with a gang! Check out these epic group fancy dress themes.

Harry Potter and the whole of Hogwarts

There are loads of characters in Harry Potter - seven books' worth! This family managed eight characters, which is pretty impressive.

Media by rachbennett
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The entire animal kingdom

This is an odd animal family!

Media by katecossette
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Star Wars

They might need a few more Stormtroopers

Media by adrilopezbernal
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The Avengers

Every time a new Marvel film means there's more Avengers to choose from

Media by lestercacho
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This looks like the hardest Where's Wally puzzle

Media by maldoblah
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Scooby-Doo and Mystery Incorporated

Four or more people can make an awesome Mystery, Inc. Although someone could have still dressed up as the van. 

Media by meandmyinsanity
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And there's even a dog costume

Media by nataliester
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There's no limit to how many there can be

Next check out the best Halloween joke ever!

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