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20 Question Durmstrang Institute House Sorting Quiz!

Wishing for a wizarding school placement? Dare for a dalliance with the dark arts? Which Durmstrang Institute House would YOU be in? Find out with this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 29th 2022

Soscrofa, Ucilena, Vulpelara, Wolverine... Which Durmstrang Institute house suits your personality? Are you ready to trounce Harry Potter in the Triwizard Tournament? Time to put your wonderful wizardy witchcraft to the test! For more paranormal personality puzzles be sure to check out our Harry Potter Sorting House Quiz, or find out finally wether you're a Wizard or a Muggle!


What's your favourite colour?

2/20 A grumpy bird

What’s your favourite animal?


What's your favourite snack?

4/20 Scarf, wand, and spell book

Fave item of clothing?

5/20 A  dog

Favourite wizard school subject?


How would you describe yourself?


How would your friends describe you?


What would your Durmstrang school report say?

9/20 Quidditch

Favourite Quidditch position?


Favourite Diagon Alley store?


Favourite potion ingredient?


What subject do you find boring?


Favourite flavour milkshake?

14/20 Dog on holiday

What’s your dream destination for a holiday?

15/20 A woman listening to music on headphones

Fave music? 


Pick a candy!


Pick a pet!

18/20 Harry Potter in front of open books

Favourite Harry Potter book?

19/20 Spell book open

What's your favourite spell?


You're walking alone through a magical forest, it's dark - suddenly you hear the growl of a giant unidentified monster, ready to attack... what do you do?


You're in Soscrofa!

You're in Soscrofa! You're kind of a lone wolf, and you like to have your own space. You can be a little moody and cross sometimes, but you have an innate bravery and an adventurous spirit. Top wizardry work!


You're in Ucilena!

You're in Ucilena! You're intelligent, easygoing and you like to enjoy life! You're also very good with spells. Good job!


You're in Vulpelara!

You're in Vulpelara! You're intelligent, kind, and very loyal to family and friends. Top work!


You're in Wolverine!

You're in Wolverine! You're tough, strong, cunning, and though you may have a bit of a fiery temper - you're ambitious and know how to achieve your goals. Good work!