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The Epic Dennis and Gnasher Collection! Out Now!

Beano's brilliant duo are back with a book brimming with awesome adventures, scintillating stories, plus... the secret of how Dennis and Gnasher first met!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 28th 2023

The ultimate rebels - Dennis and Gnasher - are back with an awesome collection of adventures! That news alone should be enough to get Beano fans wild with excitement, but there's more...

Because if you get your hands on the Epic Dennis and Gnasher Collection epic Dennis and Gnasher Collection, you'll be able to find out how Dennis and Gnasher met for the very first time! Yes, that's right - the secret will finally be revealed!

So why not make this autumn proper epic by diving in to the Dennis and Gnasher Collection! Available at all good bookshops now!