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The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Video Quiz – Can You Complete the Line?

He's street, he's sassy and he's got an answer for everything - but do you know what he's actually saying?

Princes have the best music, don’t they? Prince Harry has, er, the National Anthem. Prince Charles has, er, exactly the SAME National Anthem.

Hold on, that’s actually not very good music at all, is it?

But wait a minute, haven’t we forgotten one prince?

Of course we have! It’s the Fresh Prince! You know, the one who was born and raised in West Philadelphia? And if you’ve heard the music, you’ve probably heard some of the jokes, too.

But were you actually paying attention when Will and Carlton were getting in trouble with Uncle Phil? Or when Jazzy Jeff was getting thrown out of that Bel Air mansion?

If you were, you’ll probably be great at getting these answers right and if you weren’t, then no worries – you can just have some practice with this video and get even better at guessing what the The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is actually saying.

And if you want to know what to expect, then here’s a little introduction to the stars of this video.

Will Smith

Will is the star of the show, the ultimate Fresh Prince. He’s goofy, funny and always has a smart answer – even when he’s in trouble. And he’s often in trouble!

freshprince.ig | Instagram

Uncle Phil

Even though it seems Uncle Phil is trying to make Will’s life difficult, he only wants to make sure his nephew is working hard at school – although Will doesn’t always appreciate the attention.

freshprince.ig | Instagram

Geoffrey the butler

Bel Air is a seriously posh place so it’s no surprise the Fresh Prince has a butler. Although, to be honest, Geoffrey isn’t the best butler, particularly because he’s so rude!

freshprince.ig | Instagram