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Check out Beano's festive jokes about The Grinch who stole Christmas. They're absolutely who-larious!

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Who is the Grinch's favourite friend of Snow White?


Why does the Grinch hate Christmas?

Because it makes him green with envy!

What do people say when they hear the Grinch stealing from them?

Who goes there?!

What does the Grinch eat for dessert?

Heist cream!

What’s the difference between Batman and the Grinch?

Batman can go into Whoville without Robin!

What does the Grinch see with?


What's the Grinch's favourite song?


Why did the Grinch not steal any kitchen utensils?

He decided it wasn't worth the whisk!

What did the Grinch say when he was caught stealing from a French art museum?

I did it for the Monet!

What’s the difference between someone who doesn’t understand figures of speech, and the Grinch?

The first takes things literally. The other takes things, literally!

Why did the Grinch get a burglar alarm?

Because he needs to get up on time!

What is the Grinch's favourite play?

Green Eggs and Hamlet!

Where does the Grinch go to watch movies?


Why can’t the Grinch get down from Mount Crumpit?

You can only get down from birds!

Why was the Grinch afraid of Santa Claus?

He was Claustrophobic!

Why did the Grinch go down the chimney?

Because it sooted him!

Why doesn't the Grinch like knock knock jokes?

Because there's always Whos there!

Why is it so hard to ignore the Grinch on Christmas?

He has all the presence!

What happened when the Grinch went to the flea circus?

He stole the show!

How fast did the Grinch's sleigh go?

Max speed!

What's the Grinch's favourite board game?


What's the Grinch's least favourite band?

The Who!

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