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The Secret Life of Teachers: What is Your Teacher’s Secret Identity?

Answer these questions to see if your teacher has a secret identity!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 23rd 2017

What is your teacher's secret identity?

1/7 school subjects

What is your teacher's favourite subject?

2/7 clock face man

Where does your teacher go during lunch?

3/7 chilli

What kind of food does your teacher eat?

4/7 sports day stuff

Which sports day event is your teacher best at?

5/7 Dennis, Bananaman, Roger the Dodger and Danny's skull

What's your teacher's favourite Beano character?

6/7 Teacher cycling over the world

What's one of your teacher's hobbies?

7/7 Helpful super teach

Which of these things would your teacher help you do?

Miss Superhero Z


Your teacher sure seems to disappear a lot, and fight for truth and justice. Don't let it slip that we think your teacher is a superhero!!

Mister Master Thief

Master Thief

Your teacher's cunning behaviour must mean that they are some kind of criminal mastermind - maybe they have a soft spot for rare jewels or ancient artefacts from foreign lands

Freaky Mrs. Tentacle


Your teacher's weird behaviour can only mean one thing - that they're an alien creature from another planet!

How to Draw Dennis the Menace

Beano Artist

Your teacher sounds like so much fun that they probably work for the Beano!