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The Ultimate Bella Poarch Quiz!

You've definitey seen her online - but how much do you really know about this Tik Tok legend? Answer these questions to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 20th 2021

Think you know Bella Poarch? Only mega fans will score 100% on this pop-tastic music quiz! For more stuff like this, see if we can guess your music taste, check out this BTS Would You Rather quiz, or see how many of these music facts you know!


What country was Bella born in?


And where does she live now?

@bellapoarch | instagram

What was her big break?


What organisation did Bella use to work for?

@bellapoarch | instagram

What's the name of the song she made with Sub Urban?


Finish this line from one of Bella's songs: "Bob the Builder broke my heart..."

@welcometosurrey | giphy

Which of these things does Bella most like doing?

@bellapoarch | instagram

Bella is... what?

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Bella Poarch's birthday is February 8th. What star sign does that make her?


Who is Bella's cousin?

@bellapoarch | instagram

Eeep. Uh oh. Bella's not too pleased with this score! Quick - try another!

@bellapoarch | instagram

Not terrible! But not THAT good either. Have a go at a different music quiz?

@bellapoarch | instagram

Good work! Bella is pretty pleased! Can you beat this score on a different quiz?

@bellapoarch | instagram

Wahoo! High score! Great job - Bella is very pleased with this score. Can you get 100% on a different quiz?