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The Ultimate Dua Lipa Quiz!

Think you know everything about Dua Lipa? Test your knowledge with this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 2nd 2022

Are ready to DUA this?

1/20 The world

Where was Dua Lipa born?

2/20 A map of Europe

In which country did she grow up?

3/20 An empty classroom

Which famous school did Dua attend as a teenager?

4/20 A tattoo machine and blue splats

What phrase does she have as a tattoo on her left arm?

5/20 A singing dog and man joining in

What's her favourite song to sing at karaoke?

6/20 A boy thinking

What's Dua Lipa's real name?

7/20 Pizza

What's her favourite food?

8/20 Dua and her dad
dualipa | Instagram

What does her father Dukagjin do?

9/20 A nappy

What year was she born?

10/20 Dua Lipa appeared on a TV ad in 2013

In 2013, Dua appeared in a TV ad for which show?

11/20 A recording studio

Dua released her first album in 2017 โ€“ but what's it called?

12/20 A DJ behind turntables

Which of the following is NOT a single from her album?

13/20 A trophy being held aloft on a sunny day

How many nominations did Dua receive at the Brits in 2018?

14/20 A person holding an abacus

How many BRIT awards did she win, though?

15/20 A singer on a purple background

Which singer appears on her single, Lost In Your Light?

16/20 A cat in front of big speakers

What was the title of her debut single?

17/20 Music notes

How does Dua describe her style of music?

18/20 Two children dressed as a doctor and construction worker

What was her job before she concentrated on her singing career?

19/20 Albanian flag with a giraffe

What does her first name mean in Albanian?

20/20 A ruler

How tall is she?

Result: Oh no
Warner Bros Records

Oh dear. Did you take this quiz by mistake?

Result: Good try
Warner Bros Records

Good try! You clearly know a bit about Dua Lipa. Reckon you could get a bigger score if you had another go?

Result: Great work
Warner Bros Records

Great work! Maybe have another go and try to get an even better score! Dua believes in you!

Result: Wow
Warner Bros Records

Wow! Are you sure your name isn't Dua Lipa? No? Well done!