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The Ultimate James Bond 007 Quiz!

Bond brainiac or Dr. No chance? How much do YOU know about the world's greatest spy? Put your skills to the test with the Ultimate James Bond 007 Quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 29th 2021

Do YOU know your Goldfingers from your Goldeneyes? When it comes to 007 trivia do you have the SPY of the tiger? Then as we await the new Daniel Craig blockbuster No Time to Die - it's time to put your Bond knowledge to the test with this epic quiz!

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1/20 A tuxedo with a James Bound name tag

Let's start with an easy one! Who does James Bond work for?

2/20 A row of metal teeth

Which Bond villain has big metal teeth?


What was the name of the first Bond movie in 1962?

4/20 A man in a tuxedo standing in a supermarket

What is James Bond's agent number?

5/20 A James Bond style clapperboard

What was the name of this actor who played James Bond in only ONE movie?

No Time to Die | Eon Productions | MGM | Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli | Cary Joji Fukunaga

Which movie was Daniel Craig's first outing as 007?


Former Beatle Paul McCartney wrote and performed the theme song for which film?

8/20 An apple turned into a spy gadget
The Spy Who Loved Me | Eon Productions | MGM | Albert R. Broccoli | Lewis Gilbert

Which of the following was NOT one of James Bond's gadgets?

9/20 A scene from the Living Daylights
The Living Daylights | Eon Productions | MGM | Albert R. Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson | Jon Glen

Name this Bond actor who starred in The Living Daylights and License to Kill!


In which Bond film does the villain Raoul Silva appear?

11/20 A man holding a 007 mug

How does James Bond prefer his drinks?

Live and Let Die | Eon Productions | MGM | Harry Saltzman, Albert R. Broccoli | Guy Hamilton

What is the name of this Bond villain?

13/20 A nicely made quiche

In which film does James Bond bake a quiche?

14/20 A person dressed in a suit and bowler hat

What deadly razor-edged item of clothing does Goldfinger henchman Oddjob wear?

15/20 A person eating popcorn in a cinema

What is the name of the 25th Bond film?


What's the name of the megalomaniacal villain in Tomorrow Never Dies?

17/20 A spy dog in sunglasses and bowtie

What's the missing word: "'There's a saying in England: where there's smoke, there's _____'"

18/20 A list of titles in a notebook

What was the original planned title for 1989's Licence to Kill?

19/20 A strawberry in a James Bond style title image

Which Bond film features Gemma Arterton as MI6 agent Strawberry Fields?

20/20 A smartly dressed man in Moscow

Complete the title of this 1963 Bond classic! 'From Russia With...'

Result: Amazing

Amazing! You got a PERFECT score! There's no doubt about it - you sure know your Spectres from your Goldeneyes! 007 level: EXPERT. A VERY impressive result, M would be proud. Well done!

Result: Pretty good

Pretty good! While not a totally PERFECT score, you certainly know your Bond movies and would achieve a respectably high rank with MI6. 007 level: COMMANDER. A fab result, good job!

Result: Good effort

Good effort! While not the worst score in MI6, you may need to watch a few more Bond movies and up your game! Never mind, why not retake the quiz and improve your score?

Result: Oh dear

Oh dear! It seems you may need to watch some of Bond's classic capers and work on your trivia skills! Never mind, why not retake the quiz and improve your score?