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What Is My Fashion Style Quiz

Strike a pose! At the Beano we LOVE fashion. But what do you clothes say about you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 9th 2022

Clothes are tell everyone a lot about the kind of person you are. For example, if you're dressed head to toe in a Manchester United kit, chances are you're a football player or at the very least, a fan of the team. See? It's really that simple. If your clothes are covered in paint and craft materials you might just be into crafting (a little bit like Moriah Elizabeth?) Maybe you just roll out of bed in the morning, pick up your clothes from a dirty pile on the floor and throw them on back to front (This means you’re a Beano Quiz writer!) Like we were saying, someones choice of clothes can tell a lot about them.

Are you read to take this style personality quiz? Let's go!

1/20 A wardrobe and a small bat

When you open your wardrobe or clothes drawers, what colour is most popular?

2/20 A fashionable male

Describe your look in one word

3/20 A woman pondering this question, but in space

What kind of person do you think you are?

4/20 Two friends hanging out together

What kind of person do you think your friends would describe you as?

5/20 A dad dressed as a superhero

Which superhero costume appeals to you the most?


Describe your bedroom!

7/20 A person visiting Croydon

Which place in the UK would you most like to visit?

8/20 The planets and a pineapple

Which planet would you most like to visit?

9/20 A visit to the cinema

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

10/20 Nuclear socks

What colour socks do you usually wear?

11/20 A man in a beard and fetching hat

It's a hot day, so you decide to wear a hat. What kind do you choose?

12/20 A cool hoodie with BLAM printed on the front

Pick a blam phrase for your hoodie!

13/20 A woman holding up a pair of shoes

What kind of footwear do you usually wear when you go out?

14/20 A backpack with a tie-dye background

What does your school bag look like?

15/20 A woman thinking about football shirts

Which football team's kit looks most stylish to you?

16/20 A sewing machine and a cape

If you had a to wear a cape for any occasion, what material would you choose?

17/20 A fox in a winter coat

In the winter, how do you keep warm on a walk to the shops?

18/20 Hawaiian shorts

What type of pattern would you choose for a pair of summer shorts?

19/20 A white t-shirt with a question mark on the front

What's your favourite kind of t-shirt?

20/20 Pineapple on a pizza

Pick a pizza topping that reflects your sense of humour!

Result: Fancy Smart

Your style is: FANCY SMART!

You dress well and have a look that tells the world that you're organised and care about your appearance.

Result: Autumn Casual

Your style is: AUTUMN CASUAL!

Your style is relaxed, cosy and effortlessly cool. Your choice of shirt and beanie tells the world that you're partial to a hot drink on a crisp October morning.

Result: 100 per cent rock

Your style is: 100% ROCK!

You love rock and metal and want the world to know, short of shouting Foo Fighters song titles in the street. That skull painting on your leather jacket looks totally excellent, by the way.

Result: Totes Elegant

Your style is: TOTES ELEGANT!

You look like you could be whisked away to a fancy fashion show at any given moment, judging by your fashion choices!