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The Ultimate Snooker Trivia Quiz

Do you want to play our awesome Snooker quiz? Think you can get a maximum break or will things go to pot? I’m afraid you’ll have to get to the back of the queue/cue! So do you think you can beat our Ultimate Snooker Trivia Quiz? Let’s go straight to the action and find out!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 30th 2021

Chalk your intellectual cue and get ready to bang some quiz balls in the welcoming pockets of correctness! LET’S GO SNOOKER LOOPY! When you’ve cleared the table, forget about taking a break, or having a rest, instead check out our Ninja Snooker Warrior stuff and also this Which Paralympic Event Should I Watch? quiz! If you want a proper sporting laugh you could also have a chuckle at our hilarious 56 Funny Sports Jokes Worthy of a Gold Medal!


Weirdly, how do you start a game of snooker?


Which colour ball do you need to hit first?


How many points for a red ball?


What do you call that long thin stick snooker players use to hit the balls?


What shape do the reds make at the start of the game?


What colour ball isn’t placed on the D


Where are you trying to get the coloured balls?


Sometimes in snooker, when the ball is in a tricky position you need to ask for a….


Which ball starts smack bang in the middle of the table?


What is the maximum break possible in a game of snooker?

FOUL SHOT! You’ve potted the white, snapped the cue and ripped the baize!

NOT BAD! That’s a splendid break!

SNOOKER CHAMPION! You have cleared the table (in a snooker way, not in after dinner way)