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This Holiday Quiz Gives Your Dream Destination!

Where's YOUR dream holiday destination? Be it a sun-drenched paradise or merely a weekend in Bognor - let's help you decide!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 27th 2021

Are you an intrepid explorer or do you prefer to perch by the pool? Find out your dream holiday destination with this epic quiz! For more jovial jollies be sure to check out our Holiday Jokes, or for more holiday quizzing why not take a peek at our Ultimate UK Staycation Quiz!

1/10 Girl wondering

How would you describe yourself?

2/10 Hot chocolate

Fave drink?

3/10 Snowboarder Chloe Kim
@chloekim | Instagram

What kind of thing would you like to do on holiday?

4/10 Orangutan

Favourite animal?

5/10 A man in a sleeping bag

Where would you like to sleep?

6/10 A pineapple and a three colour background

Favourite colour?

7/10 Clothes rack of t-shirts

Pick an outfit!


What kind of food do you like?


Favourite climate?


Pick a place!


You should go to Mayrhofen, Austria! You love nothing more than skiing or snowboarding, hitting those slopes and then cosying up to a roaring fire with some hot chocolate and marshmallows. Mmmm... Mayrhofen? Yes, you may!


You should go to Borneo! You're a born adventurer - you love nothing more than to explore the jungle, see beautiful wildlife, and get your green on. Nice!


You should go to Spain! You love a classic holiday - Pool, beach, swimming, sunbathing... good times with family and friends. You like to have fun, but you also like to relax and chill by the seaside. Nice!


You should go to Devon! You like a holiday but you're more of a Staycationer... if you like to stay close to home yet glimpse beautiful landscapes and have plenty to see and do - look no further, Devon's your jam!