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This Is The World's Easiest Quiz

Can you get 100% on this unbelievably easy quiz? You'd better hope so!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  November 13th 2021

Is your brain feeling extra lazy today? Have a go at this super simple quiz - you should be able to answer these questions in your sleep!

And if you were actually looking for the world's HARDEST quiz ever, you can try out our extra difficult spelling test, this ultimate physics quiz, or see if you can guess the countries from the shape of their outline!

Anyway... let's get on with it!


What's 1+2?

2/10 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

How do you spell "house"?


Which one is bigger? A koala or an articulated lorry?


What's the name of the thing in the middle of your face that smells stuff?


Which one of these things can you eat?

@textbackpack | giphy

What comes next? Up, down, left... then what?


What kind of noise does a drum make?

@primeglitz | giphy

What happens if you drop an egg on the floor?


A dog is a type of... what?


What shape has 4 sides?

Nooo! How did you manage this? You did this on purpose! Awkward!

Woah. This is awkward. Try a ...harder quiz? Yeeesh!

Not a perfect score - which isn't ideal since this is the easiest quiz ever. But not bad, probably.

High score! Phew! If you didn't get a high score on this one you should be a bit worried! What a relief.