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Original Thunderbirds Quiz For Real Brains!

It's time to find out how much you know about the awesome series that is Thunderbirds! Are you ready to be a Tracy brother? Let's find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 1st 2023

Quizzes are go! How much do you know about this epic pioneering TV show? It's time to see with this Ultimate Thunderbirds quiz! Answer some questions about the Tracy Brothers and see how well you do! And if you like this, we've got loads more TV quizzes here! What about this really hard Friends quiz? Maybe you're more into quizzes about SpongeBob? Or how about finding out more about the time Thunderbirds is from with this ultimate 60s quiz?

1/10 A snowy arctic base

Where do the Thunderbirds live?

2/10 A Thunderbird
Thunderbirds | AP Films | ITV

Which Thunderbird is this?

3/10 One of the Thunderbirds
Thunderbirds | AP Films | ITV

What year did the show start?

4/10 A Lady
Thunderbirds | AP Films | ITV

Who's this?

5/10 Thunderbirds
Thunderbirds | AP Films | ITV

How many seasons were there?

6/10 Astronaut and flamingo

True or false: the Tracy brothers were based on real life astronauts?

7/10 A cheery looking brain

What is Brain's job?

8/10 Thunderbirds
Thunderbirds | AP Films | ITV

How many Tracy brothers are there?

9/10 Cute lil croc

What live animal was used in one episode?

10/10 Diver in underwater cave and splats

Which Thunderbird is a submarine?

Uh oh result
Thunderbirds | AP Films | ITV

Oh noooo! Look's like the Hood got you, cos you got 0/10! Never fear, you can always try again and see if you get a higher result!

Try again result
Thunderbirds | AP Films | ITV

Well, you know a little bit about Thunderbirds, but not enough to impress the Tracy brothers! Try again!

Well done result
Thunderbirds | AP Films | ITV

Nice work, you did really well! But can you get 10/10 next time and prove you're the ultimate Thunderbirds expert? We believe in you!

Awesome result
Thunderbirds | AP Films | ITV

Incredible! You could be a member of the Tracy family, because you got 10/10! Great job! Why not go and watch some more Thunderbirds as a reward?