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Trivia Quiz – Untamed: How Well Do You Know Teddy the Shetland?

Think you know everything about this sassy little horse? Take the quiz and find out for sure!

How many will you get right?

1/7 A man measuring the height of Teddy
teddytheshetland | Instagram

How tall is Teddy?

2/7 A vet on a farm

In which year was Teddy born?

3/7 A shrugging person

A Shetland pony can pull twice its own body weight. True or false.


4/7 Can you choose the correct Shetland Islands flag?

5/7 Teddy and a friend
teddytheshetland | Instagram

Teddy went viral in December 2017. How?

6/7 Teddy in the back of a car
teddytheshetland | Instagram

How many people follow Teddy on Instagram?

7/7 Teddy at work
teddytheshetland | Instagram

Fill in the missing word

Oh dear
teddytheshetland | Instagram

Oh dear! Teddy seems upset by your score! Maybe have another go and cheer him up!

Good try
teddytheshetland | Instagram

Good try! Some of the questions were a little tricky, but Teddy thinks you did well!

Great stuff
teddytheshetland | Instagram

Great stuff! But why not have another go and try to get a perfect score? Teddy believes in you!

teddytheshetland | Instagram

Awesome! You certainly know your stuff when it comes to Teddy and miniature ponies!