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Trivia Quiz โ€“ Untamed: How Well Do You Know Teddy the Shetland?

Think you know everything about this sassy little horse? Take the quiz and find out for sure!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

How many will you get right?

1/7 A man measuring the height of Teddy
teddytheshetland | Instagram

How tall is Teddy?

2/7 A vet on a farm

In which year was Teddy born?

3/7 A shrugging person

A Shetland pony can pull twice its own body weight. True or false.


4/7 Can you choose the correct Shetland Islands flag?

5/7 Teddy and a friend
teddytheshetland | Instagram

Teddy went viral in December 2017. How?

6/7 Teddy in the back of a car
teddytheshetland | Instagram

How many people follow Teddy on Instagram?

7/7 Teddy at work
teddytheshetland | Instagram

Fill in the missing word

Oh dear
teddytheshetland | Instagram

Oh dear! Teddy seems upset by your score! Maybe have another go and cheer him up!

Good try
teddytheshetland | Instagram

Good try! Some of the questions were a little tricky, but Teddy thinks you did well!

Great stuff
teddytheshetland | Instagram

Great stuff! But why not have another go and try to get a perfect score? Teddy believes in you!

teddytheshetland | Instagram

Awesome! You certainly know your stuff when it comes to Teddy and miniature ponies!