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The Ultimate Black Panther Quiz

Think you know everything about T'Challa, Shuri, Nakia and more? Test your Black Panther trivia knowledge here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021

The world of Black Panther is huge, exciting and inspiring! But how well do you know the movie and its characters? Take this Black Panther trivia quiz and find out!

Ultimate Black Panther Trivia Quiz


T'Challa is the king of Wakanda. What was the previous king, T'Challa's father, called?


2/18 Wakanda is so technologically advanced because of vibranium. BUT, how did it get all of the precious metal?


3/18 Where was Erik Killmonger - or N'Jadaka - brought up as a child?


What is the name of the elite all-women bodyguard squad commanded by Okoye?


5/18 What advice does Okoye give to T'Challa before he jumps out of the Royal Talon Flyer at the start of the movie?


6/18 What name does Shuri give to her new, silent type of footwear that she gives to T'Challa?


7/18 What is the name of the legendary first Black Panther, who united the 5 tribes of Wakanda?


What is the name of the special vibranium-enhanced plant that gives the Black Panther his powers?


9/18 What organisation does Everett Ross, T'Challa's reluctant ally, work for during the movie?


10/18 Who is the other superhero, who first appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger, who appears in the post-credits sequence of Black Panther?


11/18 What is Shuri's relationship with T'Challa?


What is the name of the special type of beads worn by Wakandans, that can do everything from make calls to healing people?


13/18 What animal does W'Kabi ride into battle at the end of the movie?


14/18 Ulysses Klaue is one of the film's bad guys. Which other Marvel movie did he appear in?


15/18 Vibranium is the source of Wakanda's technology - and it's also what Captain America's shield is made out of! What makes it special?


In the final big battle during Black Panther, what weapon does Shuri use?


17/18 T'Challa and his dad appeared in a Marvel movie before Black Panther. Which film was it?


FINALLY! What is the next Marvel movie that T'Challa and Shuri will appear in?


OK well you're obviously not a Marvel fan... but you should be! Go watch all 18 movies, then come back and try again!


Ooof... You wouldn't be allowed into Wakanda!


Not bad! You obviously love Black Panther... but maybe you need to watch some other Marvel movies to really learn about his place in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe!


You're so good! You know all about Black Panther, his powers, his family and his movie! GO YOU! Bet you're excited to watch Infinity War!


You got them all right! You are the ULTIMATE BLACK PANTHER FAN!

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