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The Ultimate Chinese New Year Quiz!

In Chinese culture, twelve animals represent the Chinese zodiac signs. Anyone born in the Chinese New Year of 2022, is represented by the Tiger but can you guess the Chinese zodiac animal of these celebs?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 28th 2022

See if you can guess which Chinese New Year these famous peoples were born into! Afterwards check out our Pandas Celebrate Chinese New Year gifs and 20 New Years Jokes That Will Get A Laugh Anytime!

1/20 A man pointing at his watch

When is the Chinese New Year?

@jelly | YouTube

Crazy YouTuber, Jelle Van Vucht’s Chinese New Year Zodiac Animal is a type of rodent! Which one?


3/20 Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar. What object in space does lunar refer to?

@emmaraducanu | Instagram

Sporting hero, Emma Raducanu’s Zodiac animal might prefer Stable Tennis! What is it?


5/20 To celebrate the new year, Chinese families sometimes give out envelopes full of cash! What colour are the envelopes traditionally?

@HarryKane | Instagram

Footballer Harry Kane’s Chinese Zodiac animal is on his clubs badge. But what is it?

7/20 A duck watching a fireworks display

Chinese New Year is famous for fireworks. Apart from the fact that they are awesome, why do are fireworks fired at Chinese New Year?

@moriahelizabeth | YouTube

Moriah Elizabeth’s cat Opie might not approve of her Chinese Zodiac Sign!

9/20 A grossed out person

What might you find in a dumpling at Chinese New Year?


William Shakespeare wrote his Chinese Zodiac animal into a line of his famous play Hamlet, spoken by Hamlet when he murders Polonius by mistake!

11/20 A woman shrugging question

2022 is the Chinese year of the what? CLUE: It’s a big cat that can be found in China!

@wilbursoot | YouTube

Musical genius, Wilbur Soot looks like the drowned version of his Chinese Zodiac animal in this picture from one of his epic music videos!

13/20 A shrugging man

2023 is the Chinese year of which burrowing mammal?

@gretathunberg | Instagram

Greta Thunberg seems very different from her Chinese Zodiac animal which tends to follow the herd!

15/20 A unicorn

2024 is the Chinese year of which mythical creature often associated with Chinese culture?


Boris Johnson’s zodiac animal is constantly spouting hot air. Which mythical beast is it?

17/20 A shrugging couple

Which of these isn’t an animal on the Chinese calendar?

18/20 A person thinking about the answer

Which of these animals doesn’t have a year on the Chinese calendar?


Boxing champ KSI’s animal is famous for strutting around with a red crest on it’s head! What is it?

@SkyBrown | Instagram

Can you guess Sky Brown’s Chinese Zodiac animal?

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