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There's nothing more relaxing than watching a game of cricket on a sunny afternoon, that is, unless, your team needs 6 runs to win and there's two bowls left. Then it tends to get a bit nerve-wracking.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 19th 2021

How much do you know about the other beautiful game – cricket? Think you could score more than a six from these 20 tricky trivia deliveries?

Once you've cracked this quiz ball into the next field, why not test your knowledge of cricket field positions or even take a personality quiz to see what kind of cricketer you are!

The Ultimate England Cricket Quiz!

How much do you know about cricket? Could you get a perfect score or be out for a duck?

1/20 A cricket bat

In which year did England play their first ever Test match against Australia?

2/20 A cricket team celebrating

Cricket originated in England. True or false?

3/20 A cricket player celebrating a good score

Which England player holds the record for scoring the most centuries?

4/20 The cricketer WG Grace

W.G. Grace was an English player known as "the father of cricket". What type of condiment did he endorse at the height of his career?

5/20 A cricket bowler throwing a ball into the air

Which cricket ground was the first to host an English Test match in 1880?

6/20 Wilfred Rhodes bowling

How many wickets did Yorkshire-born Wilfred Rhodes take in first class cricket?

7/20 Wilfred Rhodes batting

Impressive. But how many runs did he score during his career?

8/20 Chris and Stuart Broad standing in a garden
@stuartbroad | Instagram

What relation is former batsman Chris Broad to current player Stuart Broad?

9/20 A daffodil and a cricket ball

Which countries do the England cricket team represent internationally?

10/20 England cricketer Joe Root
@root66 | Instagram

Which county does England Test captain Joe Root represent?

11/20 England cricket player Eoin Morgan
@eoinmorgan16 | Instagram

In which country was One Day International England captain Eoin Morgan born?

12/20 A cricket player hitting a ball

In which year was England last ranked number 1 in Test cricket?

13/20 A person pointing to a ball balancing on a cricket bat

England batsman and wicket keeper Alec Stewart scored 8463 Test runs. He was also born on 8.4.63! True or false?

14/20 Cricket World Cup

The England team won their first ever Cricket World Cup in which year?

15/20 A map of the UK with a cricket background

How many county cricket teams are there in England and Wales?


England's longest ever game of cricket was against South Africa in 1939. How long did it last?

17/20 A pineapple witnessing a ball hitting stumps

Who won after all that effort?

18/20 A person marking important dates on their wall calendar

The first ever Cricket World Cup was held in England, but in which year?

19/20 111 cricket runs

Why is 111 runs said to be unlucky?

20/20 A fielder hitting the stumps

In 2021, India beat England in Ahmedabad in one of the shortest games ever. How many balls were bowled?

Result: Out

You're out! Off to the pavilion with you. Better luck next time!

Result: Good try

Good try! Why not have another go? You might hit a six or something.

Result: Great work

Great work! You've been paying attention to all sorts of cricket stats!

Result: wow

Wow! You're clearly an England Cricket Team member or something! Even this actual bat is inspired to play cricket, even though it won't be possible.

The answers!

1. 1877 2. True 3. Alistair Cook 4. Mustard 5. The Oval 6. 4204 wickets 7. 39,696 runs 8. Father 9. England and Wales 10. Yorkshire 11. Ireland 12. 1958 13. True 14. 2019 15. 18 16. 14 days 17. It was a draw 18. 1975 19. It represents 3 stumps 20. 842 bowls