The Ultimate Sea Turtle Quiz!

How much do you know about sea turtles? Test your trivia by taking this turtle-y awesome sea turtle quiz!

Image by BBC America via Giphy

How long have sea turtles been on Earth?


How long can a sea turtle hold its breath underwater?

Image by BBC America via Giphy

A sea turtle can go back into its shell to protect itself from predators. True or false?


How long do sea turtles usually live for?

Image by BBC America via Giphy

How does a sea turtle know which direction to go?

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What is the largest type of sea turtle?

Image by Monterey Bay Aquarium via Giphy

Why do scientists believe green sea turtles are green?


How fast can a sea turtle swim?

Image by Oceana via Giphy

How does a baby sea turtle hatch?


On average, how many eggs does a sea turtle lay at once?

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