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Will You Be The Best At This Uncle Fester Quiz Test?

He might be the biggest weirdo in Wednesday... but how well do you know this strange, wild-eyed Uncle? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 5th 2023

There are lots of weird uncles in the world… but none quite as odd as Uncle Fester from the Addams Family! He's one of the most recognisable characters in the show, with his shiny head having a habit of appearing when he's not expected. But how much attention have you been paying to this mysterious uncle? Answer these questions and we'll find out!

It's Fester time!


Uncle Fester is... what?


What kind of coat does he wear?


Where did Uncle Fester live once?


Which of these powers does he have?

Wednesday | MGM | Tim Burton Productions | Netflix

Why does Fester visit Wednesday in the Netflix series?

6/10 A child looking at a page from the dictionary

What does the word "fester" actually mean?


What kind of monster does Fester tell Wednesday about?

Wednesday | MGM | Tim Burton Productions | Netflix

How are Fester and Wednesday related?


Where does Fester hide in Nevermore?


Uncle Fester is one of the original characters and has been in every version of the Addams Family. True or false?

Wednesday | MGM | Tim Burton Productions | Netflix

Gasp! This result is horrifying! *Shudders* There's only one thing for it... you'll have to have another go, or try a different TV quiz! The one good thing is we have lots of others for you to try! Never mind though!

Wednesday | MGM | Tim Burton Productions | Netflix

Pretty decent! You know your stuff! This score is creepy - but not horrifying. You did get some questions wrong, so no high score on this one. Do you know where you went wrong? Have another go and see if you can beat this score on your 2nd try!

Wednesday | MGM | Tim Burton Productions | Netflix

Yessss! You're a real Addams Family expert! Well done! This is a great score. You didn't quite get 100%, but that's fine. If you want to get a perfect 10/10 you can have another go, or try one of our other Wednesday quizzes!

Wednesday | MGM | Tim Burton Productions | Netflix

Amazing! You've done Uncle Fester proud! This is a great score - well done! This is the perfect 10/10 - very nice work! There's no improving to be done here, but you can see if you can match this score on a different TV quiz! How about it?