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All the Unicorn Swag you Could Want for Christmas!

With Christmas fast-approaching, here's all the greatest unicorn-themed gifts you could possibly need...

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 9th 2017

A unicorn onesie!

Want to dress like a unicorn but want to relax and keep warm? This unicorn onesie from Marks & Spencer is just the thing for you. It's almost as good as being a real unicorn but far more comfortable.

magicalunicorn24 | Instagram

Unicorn Snot!

Let's clear this up right away. This isn't actual unicorn snot – it's actually lip gloss that comes in a range of colours that will make your mouth sparkle as though the mythical beast sneezed all over you.

Enchanted slippers

Slippers are often boring, so thankfully, someone had the bright idea of inventing unicorn slippers which light up as you gallop around the house. These mythical moccasins cost £34.99. But they do light up and have a fluffy mane.


A unicorn horn!

Once upon a time, the only way you could get your hands on a unicorn's horn was for them to leave one behind on the train or bus. Now you can order your own from Etsy.

gypsystarsrvabows | Instagram

...And one for your cat, too!

What's that? Your pet cat is feeling left out because you're wearing a unicorn horn and they don't? Turn your pet's frown upside down with this special inflatable unicorn horn, just for cats!

Inflatable unicorn horn for cats

Unicorn fairy lights

Fairy lights are cool on their own, but what if we were to say you could get unicorn-shaped lights? Would you think we were telling fibs because it sounds so awesome? Well, you can. It's almost too good to be true. £24.99 from Firebox.

A cookie cutter for magical Christmas treats

What's more magical than cookies? Ones shaped like unicorns, that's what. This handy cookie cutter will make sure your biscuits have an extra special taste – of magic. £1.98 from Amazon.


Snuggly unicorn warmer

Love unicorns but hate winter? Make your evening's cosy with this unicorn warmer. Pop its removable bag in the microwave and you'll be toastier than a slice of warm, toasty toast in minutes. £12 from ASOS.


A Magicorn hood

It's not quite a hat and not quite a scarf, but this Magicorn hood will do the job of both just as well. With a rainbow mane and beautiful golden horn, your head and neck will be defended from the winter. This "may attract butterflies and other small woodland creatures" say the people at Firebox.


Unicorn inflatables!

A summer spent splashing in the pool might seem like a distant memory, but who said inflatables were just for the sunshine? If it snows – and we really hope it will – take to the hills with this unicorn snow tube from Cool Stuff. Look out!

Unicorn wrapping paper

Got your friends and family unicorn gifts but want to make them extra, um, unicorn-y? Wrap them up with this magical unicorn paper from Zazzle.


Unicorn slime!

Do unicorns leave a glistening trail behind like snails and slugs? We don't think so, but you can make your own slime by using rainbow colours and glitter. The ideal gift for someone who likes unicorns and glittery, gunky stuff.

Unicorn slime

Unicorn lamp

Where would we be without lamps? Falling over in the dark, most likely. Check out this unicorn lamp from Prezzy Box. You can change the colour to suit your mood, which will be that of a chilled out unicorn.

Unicorn slime
Prezzy Box

Make your very own unicorn!

Fed up with the never-ending search for an actual unicorn in your local high street? Now you can make your own pet out of dough. The pack comes with five colours, glitter and a moulding tool. All for £5.99 from Prezzy Box.

Unicorn make-up!

While we're not entirely sure that unicorns wear make up at all, cosmetics company Too Faced will soon launch a rainbow make-up line inspired by the mythical beast. In short, it's all shimmery, glittery and magical! 

Brooke Shunatona | Pinterest

And finally... a dabbing unicorn sweatshirt

We've saved the best for last. Want a sweatshirt featuring a unicorn doing a perfect dab? Wow! It's the perfect gift, really.