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12 Unusual Sports Quiz Questions To Answer

This is NOT your usual sports quiz. In fact this is the weirdest sports quiz you’ll ever play. It’s crazy, it’s wacky and it’s wonderful. Blow the whistle, we're about to kick off the Unusual Sports Quiz Questions To Answer!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 16th 2022

On your marks, Get set, Quack. Ready, steady, banana. Let’s kick off/bully off/serve the first question of our 12 Unusual Sports Quiz Questions To Answer Quiz. Love sport? Check out our Which Sport Should I Play Quiz and our What Is Your Favourite Sport Quiz.

1/12 Table tennis

What was the original name for ping pong?


2/12 What does the German word for Federball mean?


How old was footballer John Burridge when he became the oldest player to play in the Premier League


Which football team is an anagram of the words ”Synthetic cream”?

5/12 Cats being sneaky

What was extra special about Rosie Ruiz’s winning time in the 1980 Boston Marathon?


Liverpool winger Trent Alexander-Arnold has a pet duckling called “Banjo”. True or False?


What sport was played by the awesomely named Liberian team The Union of Invincible Eleven

8/12 Ron Weasley on a Quidditch pitch

What fictional sport was made real by fans of Harry Potter?

9/12 Ultimate Field Hockey Quiz

There is a sport called Underwater Hockey. True or False?


Tennis Ace, Roger Federer has donated over 80% of his prize money to Penguin Charities. True or False?


11/12 Bo-Taoshi is a sport where 150 people attempt to knoock over a pole surrounded by 150 other people. In what country is it played?

12/12 A hand clutching a gold medal

Olympic Gold Medals are mainly made out of what metal?

Crazy Sport Loser! What a FAIL!

Crazy Sport Runner Up. Have a strange shaped trophy.

Crazy Sport Winner! You are crowned the Invincible Ruler of Wierdsport!