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Watch this Super Satisfying Food Being Made

A bowl of cornflakes is fine, but don't you want your food to have a bit more bling?

There’s nothing more satisfying than a slap-up meal full of all your fave treats, right?

But sometimes, those delicious morsels look just as good when they’re being made as they do when they’re on your plate. 

Obviously, some food will never look good, like that grey gloop Olive serves up in the Bash Street School canteen, or the boiled sprout and semolina sandwiches Dad makes when the family are round.

But as it’s good grub we’re talking about, there’ll be no more talk of sprouts here! Instead, let’s take a quick look ways to make those treats look even more satisfying


Satisfying icing? Yes please! And there’s nothing better to ice than a big, delicious cake

Hundreds and Thousands

How can you bring some bling to your bowl? By adding some serious accessories, that’s how – and nothing says bling better than hundreds and thousands.


Chocolate’s more than just a tasty treat, it’s also great for decorating and… oh, who are we kidding, it is a tasty treat! A really tasty treat, in fact, so make sure you don’t eat too much in one go, because that would be very bad for your teeth!

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