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School Ghost Caught On Camera

School can get pretty spooky at this time of year and we've found the spookiest school of all!

Halloween is the spookiest time of year but this year, it’s about to get a lot spookier!

Because here at the Beano, we’ve discovered proof that ghosts really do exist.

Spooky, right?

And you won’t be surprised to hear that the ghost we discovered is actually haunting a school – because let’s face it, if you were going to haunt anywhere, it’d definitely be where your old maths teacher goes to work!

And this ghost has plenty of time to practice pranking old teachers because most of the time there’s no-one at school to talk to and even when people are around, it’s hard to make conversation when you’re mostly just a floating white sheet.

But if you’re worried you might be too spooked to watch the video – don’t fret! This ghost is actually a fairly friendly phantom – it’s just a little be bored!

So if you reckon you’re brave enough to watch the video, then turn out the lights, tuck in the trick or treat sweets and settle down for the funniest fright of your life.

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