Harry Potter Quiz: Pick a Perfectly Spooky Night and We'll Give You Plans for Halloween

Pick a perfectly spooky night with Harry and the gang and we’ll tell how you to spend a scary night at Hogwarts…

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First thing first, you’ve got to get around – what kind of broomstick would you choose?


Okay, now then – a Halloween potion for trick or treating. What will you make?

Image by Warner Bros via Giphy

It’s the big Hogwarts Halloween party later. Where do think it should be?


Right, next it’s on to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes to buy some merch for the big night! What will you pick?


So you’ve got your jokes sorted – but what’s Halloween without an owl? Nothing, that’s what! So which one will you choose?

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Okay, time for lunch. Which of these delicious dishes takes your fancy?


Oh no! Voldemort turns up demanding a fight, but you’d rather get your costume ready. What excuse should you give?


Halloween’s a big night for wizards, but an even bigger night for giants and Hagrid needs a costume too. Which one should he wear?


You and Hermione are off trick or treating tonight. What’s your best prank going to be?

Image by Warner Bros via Giphy

Halloween’s a spooky night and there’s plenty of spooks at Hogwarts. Which one would you want to hang out with?

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