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What Are These Babies Saying?

Reckon you know what these nippers are talking about? Don't worry if you don't - it's just for fun!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Click the caption you think best describes what the baby is saying - and good luck!

1/10 Smiling baby sitting on bed wearing duck costume


2/10 Angry looking baby sat in supermarket shopping trolly


3/10 Happy baby sitting on grass holding small white dog on lead


4/10 Baby sitting on table biting elderly man's glasses


5/10 Baby being fed meal by mother




7/10 Young smiling girl wearing checkered scarf and witches hat


8/10 Confused looking baby stares at camera while mother wears saucepan on head in background


9/10 Baby dressed as office worker sits crying at desk




Oh no! You didn't get any right but don't feel too bad - we don't really know what babies are talking about either. Maybe give the quiz another go and see if you get a better score?

Not bad. Not bad at all! Do you own some kind of special baby translating device? If not, you must just be good at understanding babies. Well done you!

Wow, what a great result! You've got the top score, so you should be pleased with yourself. You're so good at understanding babies, you could even be a giant baby yourself! Hold on, you're not are you?