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What Food Am I?

Ever wondered what food you are? Take this tasty quiz to find out!

Hurry! Before it gets cold!


Where do you want to go on holiday this summer?


Pick a sandwich filling:


Do you like mixing flavours?


How spicy do you like your food?


Pick something to watch:


Complete this sentence:"The most important meal of the day is___"


Do you like seafood?


What would you bring to a picnic?

munchies | giphy

What kinds of food do you NOT like?


You're making a cake for your mum's birthday, and it's almost ready. What do you add on the top to finish it off?

You are Avocado on Toast!

You're super popular and the coolest kid on the block right now. But are you a proper lunch or just a trendy fad?

A meat pie!

You might not be the most fashionable meal around, but you're reliable, comforting and full of gravy! 

You are a lobster, stilton and pineapple ice cream!

You're absolutely ridiculous. You're high class, impractical and a bit weird. You're fun at parties though and everyone wants to try you (even if it's just once)

You are a cheese and pickle sandwich!

You might not be glamorous or loud, but secretly you're everyone's favourite. You travel well and have saved the day more times than a fancy salad ever has!

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