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What Cleaning Video Channel Should You Watch?

Looking for a cleaning video? Let us help!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 20th 2024

Sometimes it’s useful to know the best way to clean things, or at least the quickest! Because let’s face it, not that many people like cleaning! Although there’s something very special about a job well done, so let us help you find the perfect cleaning video to scratch that cleaning itch!


What is your favourite tool?

2/10 A hammer and nails

What would you use to clean a mirror?


There is coffee spilled on the floor, how do you clean it?


There are mud prints through the house, which room do you clean first?


There is dog hair everywhere, who do you blame?


What is your favourite colour sponge?


The bin bag has ripped and there is goo everywhere, how do you clean it?

8/10 A pigeon in the middle of the street

All the windows have been left open and the house is full of pigeons, how do you get them out?


How would you remove stains from the toilet?


How often do you hoover the house?

Linhtruong | YouTube

Lofting With Linh!

Awesome, according to your results you should check out Linh’s videos! She’s probably the funniest of all the cleaning YouTubers! She has a good time, and that doesn’t mean that her room is always spotless, far from it - but in between the laughs Linh knows how to keep on top of things!

Alicia Jade | YouTube

Alicia Jade!

Nice! You’ve got the most in common with Alicia Jade! Alicia’s room is often pretty messy, but she knows that that is only natural! Nobodies room is clean, spick and span all the time - that isn’t realistic! So if you haven’t already, go and check out her videos now and see what you think!

ActiveCactus | YouTube

Active Cactus!

Alright! You’ve got the most in common with ActiveCactus’ videos! Now These great videos are all about making sure your room matches your brain. She thinks that a clean room helps for a clear brain - what do you think? Why not give her videos a watch and see what you think?!

Miido Ch. | YouTube


Nice! According to the quiz responses you’ve given we think the best video channel for you to watch is Miido Ch, their pink themed clips are amazing and full of inspiring decor ideas! If that the kind of thing you’re into then give them a watch, but beware - if you’re not really into pink, try the quiz again and get another suggestion!