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Norris Nuts: The Ultimate Sockie Quiz

Love Norris Nuts? Play our Sockie quiz and see who well you score!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 13th 2022

We all LOVE the Norris Nuts. Whether they're gaming like pros or cooking like funnier, and younger versions of multiple Gordon Ramsays, there's something for everybody. These siblings will have you crying with laughter with their funny antics, pranks and chat...

But how much do you know about the oldest Norris Nut? She's called Sockie and this is her quiz!

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1/10 @sockie.norris | Instagram
@sockie.norris | Instagram

What is Sockie's real name?


Which one of these deadly bladed weapons shares a name with one of Sockie's sisters?

@sockie.norris | Instagram

What is the name of Sockie's brother?


Which of these dancing places shares a name with one Sockie's siblings?


5/10 What colour is Sockie's hair?

@sockie.norris | Instagram

What's Sockie's favourite animal?


7/10 What colour eyes does Sockie have?

@sockie.norris | Instagram

What job does Sockie want when she's older?

9/10 Broccoli and fried egg

What's Sockie's favourite food?


What star sign is Sockie?

Result: Expert
@sockie.norris | Instagram

Sockie Expert. You must be Sockie's BFF!

Not bad
@sockie.norris | Instagram

Not Bad! You know Sockie quite well!

Oh no
@sockie.norris | Instagram

Oh no! You don't know Sockie at all!