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Epic What Dog Should I Get Quiz

Love dogs but not sure which one is perfect for you? Find out what breed suits you best with this comical canine quiz!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 2nd 2023

How to choose the perfect dog? You should ask around and do your own research, but this quiz is a good place to start! Obviously, you should always choose a dog that you're sure you can look after properly. Taking in a rescue dog is always a good idea, as well!

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Dogs. We all love them and luckily for us, they all love us as well! But when it comes to our four-legged canine chums, which breed should you choose? There’s absolutely LOADS to pick and to be honest, you could spend much longer than a dog day afternoon trying to decide which hound was right for you. From short ones with little yappy yips to big slobbery ones with great BIG barks, there’s a whole world of criteria to guide you to making the perfect pick.

But at the same time, if you’re looking for an easy way to decide which dog to get, then look no further because you’ve come to the right place! Yes, that’s right – you don’t need to go elsewhere because here at Beano, we’ve got the perfect quiz to help your search with the Which Dog Should You Choose Quiz! And want to know how to take the quiz? We’ll tell you how here!

Simply enter your answers to the 10 questions and our very scientific Beano quiz boffins will compute the total responses before telling you what dog is the perfect pooch for you! Will it be a dashing Dachshund? A totally terrific Terrier? A loveable Labrador? Or a particularly perfect poodle? Only time (and your answers) will tell so don’t hang about! Take the quiz now and in no time at all, you could find yourself with the knowledge of exactly what dog would make the perfect pet for you and your family. From small to big, hairy to hairless, loud to quiet and all the types in between, if knowing what dog would make your life complete, don’t go anywhere else because you need to take this awesome, fantastically fun and four-legged, canine-complicit quiz before you do absolutely anything else at all!


Where do you live?


Which of these things would you most want to do with your dog?


Pick a hairdo:


How much outdoor space can you guarantee your dog would get regularly?


You are... what?

@dnce | giphy

What do you think about barking?


Pick an animal that ISN'T a dog:


Does your ideal dog need to be good with children?


Pick a dog snack:


Hair all over the house?


What size is your ideal dog?


Do you need a guard dog for any reason?

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Pick a dog superpower:


You want a dog that was bred:

@disney | giphy

Pick one:


Now pick another:


Pick a dog accessory:


Where would you like to go on holiday with your dog?

@corneliovega | giphy

What kind of music are you listening to right now?


How do you feel about training your ideal dog?

You should get a chihuahua!

Your ideal dog is tiny! On the plus side, it can fit easily in your handbag and doesn't need to eat much food. They're pretty neat dogs, but aren't the smartest and make a lot of yapping noises. But if you really want the smallest, cutest option - this is the dog for you!

You should get a pekinese!

This is a very dignified and special breed, originally bred by the Imperial Chinese court hundreds of years ago. They're amazing looking dogs, but they do tend to get hair absolutely everywhere. So if you want a dog that looks good but really isn't very practical - this is the dog for you!

You should get a Saint Bernard!

This is a gentle giant! A very well-behaved and polite dog, despite being a really big one. You'll need to take your Saint Bernard for lots of walks and give it lots of living space, but if you do that you'll have loyal friend for life. The only downside to having a Sant Bernard is they will drop hair all over your house... so be prepared for that!

You should get a doberman!

This is a very big, strong and loyal dog. Some say they're scary - and they can be. But if you treat your doberman with respect you'll have a loyal companion and a reliable guard dog. If you need one, obviously! Make sure you take it for lots of long walks because this is definitely an energetic breed!