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20 Pawsome Pug Jokes That'll Make You Howl with Laughter!

Here's a pack of gags that are guaranteed to deliver the LOLZ!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2021

Pugs are funny dogs and that's a fact. We're not talking about their squishy faces or the way they look like little loaves of bread. It's just that they always look like they're chuckling at something. Maybe they're just thinking of some sizzling bacon jokes or the many ways that lunch is hilarious.

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What is pug short for?

Because they've got little legs!

Why does my pug run in circles?

It’s too hard to run in squares!

What's cooler than a talking pug?

A spelling bee!

What did the pug and the mobile phone have in common?

They both had collar ID!

What type of instrument does a pug play?

A trom-bone!

Why was the pug such a good storyteller?

They knew how to paws for dramatic effect!

What does a pug eat for breakfast?

Pooched eggs!

Bacon jokes

Why did the pug buy lots of tiles?

They wanted to become a woofer!

What’s a dog’s favourite kind of pizza?


My pug Minton ate two shuttle cocks…

Bad Minton!

Did you hear about the pug who farted in a lift?

It was wrong on so many levels!

Someone made a smell

Why did the pug sleep under the car?

It wanted to wake up oily!

Why did the pug push the toilet paper down a hill?

To get to the bottom!

A man holding lots of toilet rolls

What do you do when you’ve finished giving a dog a bath?

You pull the pug out!

Did you hear about the pug who went to the flea circus? 

They stole the show!

What has 1000 eyes and 2000 legs? 

500 pugs!

What do you call a pug that's sitting next to a radiator?

A hot dog!

What did the pug say when they sat on sandpaper?


Why can't pugs dance?

They have two left feet!

Why did the snowman name his pug 'Frost'?

Because Frost bites!

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