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20 Chinese Food Jokes That To-Fu Can't Live Without!

Looking for a laugh? Wrap you noodle around these tasteful Chinese food jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  December 10th 2021

Feeling peckish? Have a slurp of these soup-er Chinese food gags! If jokes about one of the world's greatest cuisines isn't your cup of tea, we've also got pasta jokes, bread jokes, fruit jokes, and even this epic unusual food quiz!

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My cookie had no slip of paper on the inside...

It was unfortunate!

What did the cook say after making a stir fry at a playground?

It was a wok in a park!

Where do you buy noodle soup in bulk?

The stock market!

My sister bet me Β£1000 I couldn't build a car out of noodles

You shoud've seen her face when I drove pasta!

Why did the block of tofu cross the road?

To prove it wasn't chicken!

I suddenly realised tofu is overrated.

It just a curd to me!

Chinese food: Β£20. Delivery charge: Β£2

Forgetting part of the order? Riceless!

Saying no to dessert after a Chinese meal...

Will cost you a fortune!

How does Han Solo order Chinese food?

With an E-wok!

What do you call an easy lifestyle spent eating lots of Chinese food?

Lo Meintenance!

Elton John hates ordering Chinese food

Soy seems to be the hardest word!

A Chinese restaurant tried to charge me for 1000kg of food

They thought I'd ordered the one tonne soup!

Learing to cook Chinese food can be really difficult.

It takes a lot of wok!

What does the Easter Bunny order from the Chinese takeaway?

Hop Suey!

What do Italian chefs make in Chinese restaurants?

Ciao Mein!

Did you hear Kikkoman moved their factory to China?

They outsauced it!

What did the orange say on holiday?

Do you speak Mandarin?

How long does it take to brew Chinese tea?

Oolong time!

Did you hear about the man who burned down the dumpling factory?

It was an act of wonton destruction!

What's Batman's favourite Chinese dish?

Kung POW chicken!