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Bread Jokes

You butter read these funny bread jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  July 7th 2021

Chow down on these funny bread jokes! We've got a loaf of bread-based puns for you to read and enjoy right now. Get a slice of this!

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How does bread ask out its crush?

With lots of flours!

Crying laughing pizza

What did one piece of hot bread say to the other?

'You're toast!'

Crying laughing emoji in front of pizza

What part of the bread factory would lobsters work in?

The crust station!

A grinning sandwich with cheese, tomato and lettuce inside

What sort of shoes does bread wear?


A grinning pink trainer and a smiling black shoe

What's a monkey's favourite bread?

Banana bread!

Crying laughing emoji

A thief was arrested for stealing loaves of sourdough...

They were caught bread handed!

bread jokes

What kind of bread does Dr Who not eat?

Dalek bread!

bread jokes

How do you greet German bread?

Gluten tag!

Bread jokes

What kind of bread pays for itself?

A bank roll!

bread jokes

What do you call bread baked by a poet?


Bread jokes

What do you call on 52 slices of bread?

A deck of carbs!

bread jokes

I saw someone dragging bread along the floor so I asked what breed it is.

He said it's pure bread!

Bread jokes

How much does a ship full of bread weigh?

A crew-ton!

Bread jokes

What happens when there is no bread in the shop?

You knead to make your own!

bread jokes

Bread is like the sun...

It rises in the yeast!

bread jokes

What did the butter say to the bread?

I'm on a roll!

Bread jokes

When does bread rise?

When you yeast expect it!

bread jokes

Why did the baker not want to work in a bakery?

It's a crumby place to work!

bread jokes

What is bread's favourite Beatles song?

All you need is loaf!

bread jokes

What did the bread say to Batman?

Rye so serious!

bread jokes

Why did bread break up with margerine?

For a butter love!

bread jokes

Why did the baker go to jail?

He was caught beating an egg!

Bread jokes

What do you call a Christmas rom-com about bread?

Loaf Actually!

Bread jokes

What do bakers give people on a special occasion?


Bread jokes

Why was the baker in a tricky situation?

He was in a loaf or death situation!

Bread jokes

What does bread do after it's done baking?

Loaf around!

Bread jokes

Why are bread jokes always funny?

Because they never get mold!

Bread jokes

Why doesn't bread like warm weather?

Things get toasty!

Bread jokes

What did the bag of flour say to the loaf of bread?

I saw you yeasterday!

Bread jokes

Why did the bread go to the doctor?

It was feeling crummy!

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