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What Fruit Am I? Personality Quiz

Take the fruity personality quiz today!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 26th 2023

Can we let you in on a big supermarket secret? There are many types of fruit and they all have different types of personalities. It’s not the sort of thing that supermarkets will shout about because they’re concerned people will treat the fresh fruit section as some sort of zoo and just stare at the grapes and cherries to see if this actually true. 

You wouldn’t know by looking at them, but bananas are fun and bursting with energy and strawberries can be a bit clumsy. Oranges are generous towards their pals, while pineapples are happy and fun to be around. Apples are serious, while raspberries are really grumpy. But we think everyone knows that. 

The thing is, they’re all really careful and remember to stay really still when they’re in the racks at the shops and on market stalls. Once they’re bought and brought home, they appear to be lifeless when they’re popped in the fridge or the fruit bowl. But when us humans go into a different room or out for the day, they spring into life and cause chaos. Imagine Woody, Buzz and pals in the Toy Story films. It’s just like that, but with fruit in their place. 

So next time you find yourself staring at a bowl of fruit and spend time wondering which type of fruit you’re most like, remember that you won’t be able to get a good idea just by looking. 

Help is at hand, however. This special quiz – devised with the help of the not-at-all-made-up Society for Fruit Personalities – will help you discover the answers you’ve been searching for!

There’ll be a series of multiple choice questions about things like puddings, animals and ice creams and all you have to do is select the answer which reflects your personal preference. After that, our special computer will crunch the data and give you the answer. Easy!

Remember: this quiz does not count as one of your five-a-day.

1/15 Fruit pudding

Pick a pudding!

2/15 A squirrel enjoying a piece of fruit

Pick an animal!

3/15 99 Flake ice cream

Pick a random ice cream flavour!

4/15 A sandy beach

Pick a holiday destination!

5/15 A fruit bowl

Pick a place to store fruit!


Pick a texture!


Pick a season!


Pick a sport!


Pick a colour!


Pick an accompaniment!


Pick a skin!


Feelings on juice?

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Pick a drink!


Sold seperately?


Best way to be eaten?


You're full of energy - and really ap-peal-ing!


You sometimes find yourself in a bit of a jam - but everybody loves you really!


You would share anything you have with your friends - although you can get a bit sour sometimes!


You're exotic and fun to be around - so why doesn't everybody love you on a pizza?