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What is a Slothicorn? Here’s Everything You Need to Know…

I mean, it's not that hard to figure out

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  November 6th 2017

Basically, you take a sloth

Remember to ask the sloth first!

oops! the sloth fell over

Add a unicorn

You should easily find one in the rainbow aisle at your local supermarket

unicorn is not too hot on it's hooves

Sprinkle on a bit of extra magic

sprinkle sprinkle

Bake in the oven for an hour, and you have yourself a fresh Slothicorn!


People all round the internet have been making their own, like this tiny Slothicorn

slothicorn figurine

And this Slothicorn squad!

plush slothicorns daring to dream big

There are also Slothicorn paintings

Slothicorn watercolour painting


Slothicorn pin


Slothicorn tattoo

Even pancakes!

I hope that's food colouring and not just very gone off pancake mix!!

Slothicorn pancake art

There have also been extremely rare sightings of a real life slothicorn!

Why are these photos always so blurry?

Slothicorn halloween costume

WAIT! STOP EVERYTHING!! There's a Slothicorn riding a unicorn!

That's it! We can all go home now. Good work everyone!

Slothicorn riding a unicorn