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What Monkey Am I? Quiz

Marmoset or Mandrill? Find out what monkey you are with this tree-swinging creature quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

What are you eating for dinner tonight?


Pick a part of the world:


Your hair is...


A bigger monkey tries to steal your banana. What do you do?

@viceprincipals | giphy

What are you listening to right now?


Which of these words best describes you?


How big are you?


What sound do you make?

@ultramusic | giphy

Which of these is scarier?


Where would you rather live?

You're a Mandrill!

You're a mandrill! You look a bit like a baboon but you're actually not - you're the largest monkey on Earth, and one of the coolest looking too. You're loud, brightly coloured and live in the Congo. Sound like you?

You're a Golden Lion Tamarin!

You're an elegant monkey with a long tail and bright orange fur. You live on the Atlantic coast of Brazil, and you're as rare as you are good looking (which is VERY)

You're a Pygmy Marmoset!

You're the smallest (and maybe cutest) monkey in the world! You're from the Amazon, and despite your tiny size you manage to live alongside all kinds of much scarier creatures. Respect.

You're a Proboscis Monkey!

You're that famous big-nosed honking monkey from Southeast Asia! A fine choice!