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What % Voldemort Are You?

It's time to find out if you're anything like the Dark Lord himself, Lord Voldemort! Are you 100% evil? Or really nice! Let's see!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 3rd 2023

He's the ultimate bad guy, but are you anything like Lord Voldemort, scourge of the magical world? It's time to find out with this epic evil quiz! Answer some questions and we'll tell you exactly how Voldemort you are! And if you liked this, check out more Harry Potter quizzes here! How about this ultimate Slytherin quiz, for more bad guys? You might be looking to test yourself on Durmstrang! Or how about this ultimate Hagrid quiz?

1/10 Woman laughing and laughing emoji

What's your evil laugh like?

2/10 Someone reading an old book with arrow and magic dust

Pick a quote

3/10 Gru
Despicable Me | Universal Pictures, Illumination Pictures | Universal Pictures | Chris Renaud, Pierre Coffin | Chris Meledandri, Janet Healy, John Cohen

Choose another villain

4/10 Cute salamander
Please add image credits here

Choose a magical animal

5/10 Cat in a tree and arrow

Oh no, there's a cat stuck in a tree! What do you do?

6/10 Spooky woman in skull mask with splats

Choose a Death Eater

7/10 Woman and angel and devil emojis

Are you into revenge?

8/10 Voldy popping out of a cauldron

Pick a version of Voldemort

9/10 Some wands on a wood background

Choose a wand wood

10/10 Potato Harry on laser background

How do you feel about Harry Potter?

0% Voldemort Result


You're nothing like Voldemort, phew! You're a pretty nice person, you don't have snake eyes, and you've never been to Albania, so breathe a sigh of relief!

25% result


You've got elements of Voldemort in you, but hey, who doesn't. Maybe you complain about cleaning your room or sometime you think snakes know what you're saying, but that's pretty much it!

75% result


Uh oh, you're pretty Voldemort-y, which is ...a concern. You've got an evil laugh, you don't like Muggles, and you're obsessed with seeking revenge. Maybe chill out a bit?

100% result


Oh no, you're Voldemort! Everyone run! You're looking for world domination and you'll do anything to get it! Hmm, are you ok? Do you maybe need a hug? Have a nice cup of tea and rethink your life decisions, because it can only end badly!