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What Should I Name My Guinea Pig?

What's in a name? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

What Should I Name My Guinea Pig?

1/7 Guinea Pig

How old is your guinea pig?

2/7 Guinea pig

What sort of personality does your guinea pig have?

3/7 Guinea pigs

What's your guinea pig's favourite food?


What's your guinea pig's favourite thing to do?


Which one of these is your favourite name?

6/7 Badger in sunglasses

If you didn't have a guinea pig, what would your dream pet be?

7/7 Guinea pig in hutch

Where does your guinea pig live?

guinea pig on striped background


It's the perfect name for your nan AND your guinea pig! Your guinea likes a nap, a sit down and a nice cup of tea..wait, or is that your nan?

Guinea pig


A classic guinea pig name, you can't go wrong with Pickles. Pickles is the perfect name for a fun and lovable guinea with a cute personality. Don't feed Pickles any pickles though. 

Guinea pig


 The ideal name for a white, fluffy guinea pig, just make sure you don't accidentally throw your guinea pig at a friend during a snowball fight

Guinea Pig

Sir Reginald Beasley

Your guinea pig needs a classy name to match a classy attitude. Maybe your pig has a haughty, proud demeanour, or maybe it always wears a top hat; either way, this is a name that shows your guinea pig the respect it deserves.