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What Sloth Are You? Personality Quiz

This may well be the most important quiz you'll ever take in your life!! Answer these questions honestly to find out what kind of sloth you really are...

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 20th 2017

Take your time! Sloths...don't...rush...

1/10 Sloth in bed

First things first, how do you sleep?

2/10 Sloth eyeing up the last biscuit

There's only one biscuit left!! What do you do?

3/10 Sloth in a wig

How hairy are you?


4/10 Pick a Squishie!

5/10 Halloween sloth VS santa sloth

What's your favourite holiday?

6/10 A sloth rescuing a cat stuck in a tree

Oh no! This cat has got stuck in a tree! How are you going to get her down?

7/10 Slothical creatures

Favourite mythical animal?

8/10 Sloth death star

Which of these Star Wars characters would you most like to hang out with?

9/10 Super powered sloth

What super power do you need in your life?

10/10 Sloth cares about you

Finally, how are you doing today?

Sneaky Sloth

You're a Sneaky Sloth

What are you up to Sneaky Sloth?

Super Sloth

You're a Super Sloth

You stand for truth, justice and all things Zzzzzzzz

Scary Sloth

You're a Scary Sloth



You're a Slothicorn

Part sloth, part unicorn - all you!

Sleepy Sloth

Sleepy Sloth

Basically, just a regular sloth then

A dog is not a sloth

You're not a sloth

Sorry, you'll just have to get a good disguise to go to all the sloth parties!