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Which Sort of Bash Street Kid Would You Be?

Are you a bit of a rebel or enjoy getting on with your school work? This quiz will identify what kind of Class 2B character you're most like!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 1st 2024

There's a new book out called Beano Presents: The Bash Street Kids and features 68 pages packed full of mayhem and chaos. To mark the occasion, we've devised a personality quiz to determine what sort of Bash Street Kids character you're most like. Just answer these 10 simple questions and we'll tell you! Easy peasy!

1/10 Bash Street School's janitor

Would you say you were a tidy person?

2/10 Smiffy from the Bash Street Kids

Do you pay attention in class?

3/10 Sketch Khad running in an art gallery

What kind of things you do like to draw or paint?

4/10 Stevie lying in a field

What's your attitude towards social media?

5/10 Plug pulling a face

Do you like having your school picture taken?

6/10 Toots and Sidney

What do you do at break time?

7/10 Freddy and comics

What do you like to read?

8/10 Danny from the Bash Street Kids

What's your favourite school dinner?

9/10 Mahira kicking a football

Are you into sports?

10/10 Teacher from the Bash Street Kids

Teacher has his back turned to the class. What do you do?

Result: Social Media Star


You answers show that you love documenting everything that goes on your life, with the aim of being a social media legend like Stevie! Your mantra is 'remember to like and subscribe'!

Result: The Prankster


Your love of pranks and making people laugh means you're just like Harsha. If there's a prank to be played, we guarantee that you'll be in the background giggling to yourself!

Result: The Kind One

You are: THE KIND ONE!

Your caring nature and kindness to others means you're just like Plug, who sees the good in everyone!

Result: Arty One

You are: THE ARTY ONE!

You don't leave home without your art supplies and love to draw, paint and generally be creative. Guess who you're most like? That's right, Sketch Khad!