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What VSCO Scrunchie Matches Your Personality?

Bow scrunchie? Cute scrunchie? Too many scrunchies! Find out which one best suits your personality with this cool VSCO quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

What would you rather drink from?


What's the best thing about going to the beach?


Which of these are you more worried about?


Which of these best describes your hair?


What do you say when you get excited?


Pick a pair of trousers:

@_riyanirs | instagram

How baggy is your tshirt?

@billieeilish | instagram

Pick a pop star:

@vscogiuls | instagram

Which of these nail colours do you prefer?


Pick a snack:

Cute scrunchie!

Your ideal scrunchy is super cute - and probably covered in little animals like this one. It's fun and a bit silly too - the perfect match for your personality!

Red spotted scrunchie!

You like tried-and-tested styles like this classic red spotty scrunchy. It's practical and it goes with pretty much any outfit! Nice.

Velvet scrunchie!

Your perfect fit is the smooth and glamorous velvet scrunchy! It's shiny and definitely classier than the average - just like you!

Skull and crossbones scrunchie!

This scrunchy is a bit of a wild one - just like you! It's half girly love hearts, half skulls and crossbones. Sound like it'd suit you? Thought so.