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What Super Power Would You Have? Quiz

Will you use your powers for good? Or to just make loads of toast really fast? Take this quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 7th 2024

If you had superpowers, what would you use them for?


Pick a nemesis (that's your worst enemy!):


What's your greatest weakness?


What colour is your superhero outfit?


Pick a snack:


An evil supervillain is about to blow up the moon with a giant rocket. What do you do?

Alxbngala | Tumblr via Giphy

Which of these superheroes is the coolest?


Pick a sidekick:


Are you in a group of superheroes, like the Avengers are?


Where would you rather have your secret base?

Laser vision!

You now have the power to instantly blow anything up, just by looking at it! It's perfect for making lots of toast very fast, or melting your next-door neighbours snowmen. 


Finally, you can fly like a bird! Or at least, a paper aeroplane. The only tricky bit is making a safe landing!


You've got the sneakiest superpower - being able to turn completely see-through whenever you want! It's perfect for playing hide and seek, and getting out of PE lessons!

Being able to talk to animals!

You can finally tell your dog to stop eating your homework! The question is though - what will animals say back to you?