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What's Your Transformers Name Quiz?

Always wondered what you'd be called if you were a Transformer? Find out your robot name now with this extra-daft personality quiz! Hint - it might have "prime" in it!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 19th 2022

As shape-shifting alien robots that morph into cars - it'd be weird if Transformers DIDN'T have exciting names. But what would YOU be called if you were an Autobot or Decepticon? Well, that depends - are you a hero or villain? What are your most amazing powers? And do you have a favourite sound effect? It's a dog-eat-dog galaxy out there, and we all need a bunch of talking robot vehicles to keep us safe. The question is just what would you rather fold up into?

Good thing we've got a quiz to help you work all this out!


Pick a side:

2/10 Transformers quiz
Bumblebee | Allspark Pictures | Di Bonaventura Pictures | Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Tom DeSanto, Don Murphy, | Travis Knight

Who's your favourite Transformer?


Where would you rather hang out for the day?


Pick a catchphrase:


Which of these is more important?


Pick an animal:


What kind of sandwich would you rather eat?


Your base has just been attacked! What do you do?


What kind of job do you want when you're older?


What kind of sound effect are you?

You're MoonJolt DoomTractor!

You're a kind of farming Transformer (Transfarmer??) that can rearrange themselves from a regular tractor to 10-fisted mecha-spaceship. Decepticons flee in terror at the sight of your mighty muckspreading lazer cannon! As well as being an amazing fighter, MoonJolt DoomTractor also knows exactly where to source the freshest potatoes!

Youre DoubleDecker!

In normal times, you're a mild-mannered inner city bus ferrying pensioners and schoolchildren across town. In times of planetary emergency (like now) you're a mighty plasma-slinging weaponised mech! An asset to the Autobots, DoubleDecker also knows all the roads in and out of London off by heart. No eating on the top deck!

You're CyberCart!

You may look like an ordinary golf cart to the reguar human, but beneath your plastic roof lies an incredibly powerful nuclear-fusion reactor and hydrogen plasma beam generator. As a Decepticon, you're usually up to no good and won't stop until the entire solar system is covered in an even, well-trimmed layer of grass. Evil!

You're Caravantron Prime!

You may look like an unassuming holiday home, but really you're a cybernetic alien robot! As well as boasting twin jet engines and a uranium railgun, you also sleep 4 and have a portable toilet. You could be good or evil, but you haven't decided yet. Depends what the weather is like, really.