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Halloween Nightmares with Joe Tasker: When your school dinner is an ABSOLUTE disaster…

The horror! Dad's packed your lunchbox again!

We all know the feeling. 

It’s been a long morning, the teacher’s been droning on about something really boring for the last hour (you don’t know what, you’ve been too busy thinking about last night’s sick FIFA score), but anyway, you’re feeling hungry.

It’s okay, because guess what? It’s almost lunchtime! Whoop!

But when you get to the canteen to tuck into some sweet grub, oh! The horror! Dad’s packed your lunchbox again!

Can you even bear to look inside? It smells strange inside! Dare you see what terrors lurk inside?

If you’re brave enough, then join Beano’s Halloween Nightmares and find out what happens when your school dinner is an ABSOLUTE disaster!