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Which Beanie Boo Character Are You Quiz?

Which of these cuddly toys matches your personality the best? Answer these questions and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 6th 2022

There are LOADS of different Beanie Boos, and scientists* reckon that everyone has their perfect match out there somewhere. It could be a pony, a manatee, a penguin - think of them like a Patronus but with beads inside. And it's time to find out which one is most like you!

*definitely not real scientists

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Pick an underrated animal:

2/10 Autumn Jokes

What's your favourite time of year?


Pick an accessory:


All Beanie Boo's have sparkly eyes. What's your favourite?


Where would you rather go on holiday?

@findingdory | giphy

Pick a movie:


Which of these things is more fun?

8/10 Cake Jokes

Which of these is closest to your birthday?

@afv | giphy

Pick a noise:


Which of these things is prettiest?

TY |

You're Cheer!

You're the Christmas-obsessed penguin, Cheer! Great choice!

TY |

You're Heather!

Are you a cat? Are you a unicorn? Nobody knows really - but you're definitely a pretty cool Beanie Boo!

TY |

You're Jamal!

You're the cheerful camel, Jamal! As well as being able to survive for days at a time without water - you have some very fetching accessories!

TY |

You're Aqua!

You're the sparkly fish, Aqua! You're *probably* a regal tang like the hero from Finding Dory.... but whatever you are, you're a Beanie Boo!