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Which Black Panther Character Are You?

Would you be a mighty king like T'Challa, a fun-loving scientist like Shuri, or a fierce rival like M'Baku?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 17th 2022

Black Panther is the latest hit from Marvel, and introduces us to a really cool new corner of the universe before Infinity War lands this summer. But when we were walking out of the cinemas, we couldn't help wondering 'what character from that movie would I be?' 

So we've made this quiz! Take the Wakandan personality test, and then vote in the comments below about which character from the film is the coolest!

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Marvel Studios | YouTube

If you could have any job, any job in the whole world, what would it be?

Marvel Studios | YouTube

Which of these do you think is the coolest power or piece of equipment?


What would your ideal house be like?


4/11 Which of these would you have as a pet? I mean, obviously you'd have all of them if you could, but which is your favourite?

Marvel Studios | YouTube

What would your friends say is your BEST quality, the thing that makes them love you?


6/11 Which of these is your favourite colour? And no, you can't choose more than one...

Marvel Studios | YouTube

What would be your perfect weekend? Remember, you can do anything. Anything!

Marvel Studios | YouTube

What's the most important thing in the world to you? It could be a thing, or a person, or even an idea!


Which of these is something your friends would say is your WORST feature?

Marvel Studios | YouTube

What's your favourite game? It can be a sport, or a board game, or even a video game!


11/11 And finally - which of these is your favourite natural feature, the one that matches your personality?

You are T'Challa, the Black Panther!

You are T'Challa, the current bearer of the Black Panther identity and King of Wakanda. You have the strength to match Captain America, the bravery of Thor and the wisdom to keep your friends and family safe and well! You're a true hero and everyone knows it.

You are Shuri!

You are Shuri, the smartest person in the world! The sister of Black Panther, you are smart enough to create all his equipment and costumes, and can even use vibranium to heal people! And it doesn't hurt that you're one of the funniest people around, either...

You are M'Baku!

You are M'Baku, proud leader of the Jabari! You're a fierce and independent person, who inspires incredible loyalty from your friends and family! Sure, you might be a bit prickly sometimes, but when it really comes down to it you put everything aside and do the right thing. GO YOU!

You are Okoye!

You are Okoye, leader of the Dora Milaje and incredible fighter! You are loyal to the ideas you hold and a force to be reckoned with in combat! You think nothing of performing incredible stunts like riding on cars or facing down fierce enemies!

You are Nakia!

You are Nakia, the free spirit who wants to do good in the world! More than anything else, you want to help people, and if it means giving up a comfy life to go out into the wider world, you'll do it. You're brave, resourceful - and you know how to have a good time!