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Which Harry Potter Item Suits You Best? Quiz

Back to Hogwarts! Which magical artefact totally represents your personality?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 16th 2023

You probably know your Hogwarts house, and you probably know what your favourite HP animal is... but do you know which item would suit you best? Take the test and find out which magical artefact should belong to you - and maybe learn something about yourself along the way! Don't forget, you can find more Hogwarts fun here - find out your HP Valentine, your HP name, or have a crack at our HP quotes quiz!


Which is your favourite HP movie?


What's your Hogwarts house?


What wizarding job would you totally love to have?


What would be your favourite class at Hogwarts?


Pick a fantastic beast


Pick a potion to brew!


Which house would you rather live in?


Choose a Hogwarts ghost


What pet are you taking to Hogwarts?


It's the Yule Ball! What will the best part be?

Invisibility Cloak

You're the invisibility cloak! You're secretive and like to learn things other people don't know, and you're probably a bit of a detective, too!

Elder Wand

You're the Elder Wand! You always want the best of everything and you have a lot of ambition - let's just hope you use it for good!

The Golden Snitch

You're the Golden Snitch! You're sporty and adventurous, and people just can't keep up with you!


You're Luna's spectrespecs! Just like their owner you're a dreamer and you always notice things that other people don't.