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Which Jungle Animal Are You?

We're all a but wild at times, but which kind of wild are you? Take the quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

What are you like in class?


Your friend wants to borrow your phone. What do you say?


What music style do you like?


If you had to choose an after school activity, what would it be?


5/10 Which meal would you choose?


How do you get home from school?


Where would you choose to go on holiday?


8/10 Which shoe would do for you?


What do you do on Saturday morning?


What would your dream job be?

You're a Tiger!

Yep, you're totally a tiger - big, fierce and very stripy! But that doesn't mean people are scared of you because you're just a really just a pussycat at heart. Aww!

You're a Parrot!

You're smart, funny and you talk a lot! And if your motor-mouth gets you into hot water sometimes? Well, you always have a quick answer to keep you out of too much trouble!

You're a Sloth!

Slow, steady and very, very sleepy, you're the kind of animal that loves to lounge in bed!But what happens when you need to wake up and go to school? You can't spend all day slumbering, you know!

You're a Monkey!

You're mischievous, naughty and you can't get enough of those lovely bananas.But make sure all that monkeying around doesn't get you into trouble at school!