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Which Just Dance Move Are You?

Which fun move from this awesome game are you? Take this quiz and find out exactly which Just Dance move you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 27th 2022

What kind of dance move are you? Find out with our awesome dance personality quiz! And if you liked this, check out more quizzes here! How about this Fortnite dance quiz? Or maybe you fancy this fun Strictly Come Dancing quiz? You might even like this ultimate Masked Dancer quiz!

1/10 Feet dancing and splats

Pick a type of dance

2/10 Ballerina and bat

Pick a famous dancer

3/10 Strictly
Strictly Come Dancing | BBC | BBC One

Choose a Strictly Winner

4/10 Singing in the Rain
Singing in the Rain | MGM | Loew's Inc | Gene Kelly Stanley Donen | Arthur Freed

Pick a famous dance scene from a film

5/10 Woman dancing with splats
Please add image credits here

How good are you at dancing?

6/10 Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style | PSY | YG Entertainment | Cho Soo-hyun

Choose a cheesy dance

7/10 Knee, arrow and giraffe

Choose a body part

8/10 Goofy potato and splats

Choose a famous dance move

9/10 Ballet shoes with eyes

Pick some dance shoes

10/10 Girl group dancing

Choose a band that dances

The Egyptian Jump result
Just Dance | Ubisoft

Egyptian Jump

You're the Egyptian Jump! You're fun, unexpected and a little bit wild!

The Floss result
Just Dance | Ubisoft

The Floss

You're the floss! You're silly, funny and you always make a party better!

The Shuffle result
Just Dance | Ubisoft

The Shuffle

You're the Shuffle! You're a classic in everyway and no party is complete without you!

Pump up the Jam result
Just Dance | Ubisoft

Pump Up The Jam

You're Pump Up The Jam! You like vintage dance moves and you're always the first on the dance floor!