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Which Middle Earth Race Are You In LOTR?

Are you a wood elf? Or are you more of a talking tree creature? Find out what Lord of the Rings character suits you best with this middle earth race quiz!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 14th 2022

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Where would you rather live?


Are you immortal?


Which of these things is most important?




What do you think of men?

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Pick a weapon:


What do you think of Elves?


What are you most frightened of?


What are you eating right now?


Your friend is lost in the forest. What do you do?

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Pick an outfit:


What do you do for fun?


Pick a colour:


Do you have a sense of humour?


What's your biggest weakness?


What do you think of Gollum?


Pick a part of Middle Earth:


Which member of the Fellowship do you think you'd get on best with?

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Your dwarf friend is getting really competitive at Monopoly. What do you do?


Pick a useful thing to take with you on a long journey:

You're a Hobbit!

You're one of the stumpy, hairy-toed heroes of Lord of The Rings! Hobbits keep themselves to themselves most of the time, and are happy just eating, drinking and being merry in the Shire. According to Gandalf, they are one of the most surprising races in Middle Earth, and certainly one of the bravest.

You're an Elf!

You're a forest-dwelling, immortal elf! You're one of the noblest and oldest races on Middle Earth, and cannot be killed by age or illness. You've got great eyesight and athletic ability - but you can maaaaybe take yourself a bit seriously sometimes!

You're an Ent!

You're a lumbering, slow - but very heroic - tree creature! Created right at the beginning of Middle Earth, you're one of the oldest and wisest races about. You might be very slow to do things, but once you decide to take action there's not much that could stop you.

You're a wizard!

Like Gandalf, you're actually a kind of wandering spirit that was sent to Middle Earth to help keep the balance between the forces of good and evil. Unlike Gandalf, you're probably not an old geezer with a pointed hat and bushy eyebrows. Wizards are some of the most powerful races on Middle Earth, and definitely capable of the coolest tricks.